Organisational culture

What steps can you take to ensuring your humans feel like their work matters?  An engaged employee is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their job and takes positive action to further the organizations reputation and interests.  Why do you care about whether your employee is engaged or not?  Do you want your employees to show up and be their best selves at work and avoid endless frustration, conflict and wasted time and money?



1. Engaged employees boost productivity

2. Increases customer satisfaction

3. You will retain your star talent

4. Your engaged employees will live your company values every day

5.Engagement is the result of individual or organisations SUCCESS.

Chat to us about how you can develop a harmonius, engaged and productive workforce which will BOOST employee engagement.

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Wellness initiatives

The focus has now shifted to managing a work-life blend rather than a work-life balance. If you value your employees and want to attract star talent, consider investing in your employee wellness interventions addressing Mental health and well-being, stress management, mindfulness, and financial wellness. It’s also wise to reach out to employees and see what they find most valuable which is where we come in to carry out those employee surveys.

Some new areas to focus on include truly personalized wellness. Innovative platforms that can be tailored to the individual. Wellness with a one size fits all approach is not as appealing anymore. People are busy and tend to engage and focus only on the things that really matter to them.

Some wellness interventions we can provide: (the sky is the limit actually)

  • Well-being newsletters
  • Health risk assessments
  • Work space evaluation
  • Life coach/health coach/performance coach/career coach
  • Wellness webinaars
  • Financial wellness
  • Stress management
  • Mental health awareness
  • Resilience workshops
  • Mindfullness
  • Stress reducing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Trauma and Tension relief excercises (TRE) and Yoga
  • Exersise and Nutrition experts
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners

We assess your organizational/individual risks and identify strategies that will mitigate these risks.



Workspace design

What role does workplace design play in culture creation and employee engagement you may ask? Global studies indicate a strong correlation exists between high workplace satisfaction and high employee engagement, with employees who have greater control over their physical workplace – including access to private spaces – also reporting the highest engagement levels. The findings prove that employers could be missing a trick when it comes to planning their employee engagement strategies.

This is because, consistently, the most engaged workers were those who had more control over their work experience, including the ability to concentrate easily and work in teams without disruption. Workers who have the ability to choose where they want to work in the office, based on the task at hand are much more engaged in the work they do. We strive towards the most efficient workspace design that provides maximum productivity and employee satisfaction while still staying within the budget. We collaborate with health and safety and interior design experts where required.

Read more on our workspace design page 👉 https:www.hohr/workspace-design/

HR Mentor

Entering into a Mentorship with a Senior HR Professional provides invaluable insight beyond your own education and experience. Give yourself the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether you need advice or a sounding board, a mentor can inspire and guide you.

Whether you’re a new HR professional looking for career advice or a mid-career professional looking for guidance on moving up the ladder or into another area of HR practice, entering into a mentor mentee relationship has many benefits:

1. Access to a support system during your critical stages of your career development

2. Fresh perspectives from an expert who has worked in-house in diverse industries and journeyed alongisde employees and management through the employee lifecycle many times

3. Affordable access to a mentor virtually, via whatsapp and e-mail

4. Coaching skills