HR support and Labour law compliance

Our retainer service is your solution if you would like to have monthly access to an objective HR expert for you to bounce things off on and to guide you through sticky situations. Ensuring you handle these situations with minimal risk to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

How do you benefit from this service?

Partnering with us provides you with access to mastered HR skills at a nominal fee for a fixed period.

  • Labour law advisory support,  telephonically, via Zoom, and e-mail;
  • Drafting of:
    • Employment contracts;
    • Job descriptions;
    • Performance counselling documentation;
    • Warnings;
    • HR related written communications;
    • Full and Final settlement agreements;
  • Facilitating the Performance management process;
  • Virtual On-boarding and off-boarding of employees;
  • Exit interviews;
  • Facilitation of B-BBEE initiatives and preparation for verification;
  • HR administration;
  • Leave management;
  • Annual Statutory submissions:
    • Workplace skills plan/Annual Training Report/ Pivotal training plan
    • Discretionary Grant applications
    • Employment Equity reporting

The retainer service is for a mutually agreed number of hours per month based on the clients operational requirements.

Outplacement Consulting

Outplacement is a support service we provide to assist your former employees transition to new jobs, customised to your requirements.

This includes:

  • Virtual One-on-one job search counselling via Zoom
  • Professional CV development
  • Guidance on Job search techniques
  • Interview preparation
  • Surgery of social media platforms

If further career direction and clarity is required, we collaborate with Psychometrists and or Career coaches who provide psychometric assessments and career guidance.

Skills development and Employment Equity

We will hold your hand in facilitating the skills reporting process to claim your mandatory and discretionary grants as well as carrying out a skills analysis to identify skills gaps in your organisation and submit employment equity reports on your behalf.

Skills development service includes supporting you in:

  • Aligning the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) codes issued by DOL and ILO to jobs in your organisation. This skills-based classification system encompasses all occupations in the South African context and defines the base from which to link various occupations to specific skills assists in identifying further training needs.
  • Preparation of your annual training report for the reporting period
  • Compiling your skills plan for the year ahead
  • Capturing and submission of the WSP (Workplace Skills Plan) and  ATR (Annual Training Report) on the relevant SETA Management system.
  • Assisting with facilitating your planned training interventions.

Linking the OFO codes to job profiling makes a lot of sense when establishing competencies required to do a job and can also be used effectively in establishing skills gaps following a skills analysis.

Employment equity service includes supporting you with:

  • Setting up your Employment Equity Committee
  • The contents of your Employment Equity file
  • Compiling your employment equity plan
  • Compiling your workforce profile data and income differentials
  • Compiling your Employment equity report for your approval
  • Submitting your report to the Department of employment and Labour
Digital HR content

We compile HR related content and documentation, applying the necessary legal jargon i.e operational procedures, forms, applications for your implementation.

Failing to convey policy content properly and ensure that it is aligned with legislation will influence the effectiveness of negotiation strategies.  It’s important for you to choose the appropriate wording to communicate the correct meaning, unless you can explain the meaning your documents are likely to be misinterpreted. Prevent these misunderstandings by ensuring that your policy writing is concise.  Good writing is invariably associated with professionalism and business acumen.


  • Review your current employment contracts and or develop new user friendly legally compliant contract templates for your implementation, eliminating any uncertainties of the essential legal conditions required.We partner with you to eliminate any potential unfair labour practices in your conditions of employment and simplify your documentation.
  • It can get a bit tricky when the nature of your business is comprised of various employment relationships i.e. fixed term employment for a specified period or specific purpose, permanent employment, and independent contractors.
  • Establishing the ground rules from the beginning of your employment relationship with your employees plays a huge role in communicating your boundaries as a business and setting the tone for employee expectations.
  • Develop and or review policies, applying a systematic approach, ensuring alignment with HR best practice and current South African Labour laws. Policies are developed and customised with your workplace culture and operational requirements in mind.
  • Develop bespoke traditional and modern employee handbooks customised with your operational requirements, organisational culture and updated with the latest labour law amendments.
  • Standard forms for internal use
  • Development of a document control system and register aligned with ISO9001 quality control standards
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Corporate communication such as:
    • Infographics
    • Posters
    • Newsletters
    • Certificates
    • Brochures
    • Monthly reports
  • We cater for both traditional and modern approaches to developing Employee handbooks:

    An overview of a typical traditional employee handbooks content:

    • Companies Philosophy, vision and mission
    • Employment practices
    • Performance management
    • Disciplinary Code and procedures
    • Grievance procedure
    • Health and safety
    • Remuneration and benefits
    • Workplace conduct
    • Financial regulations
    • Company facilities
    • Skills development


     Innovative Employers are using CREATIVE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS to engage employees with BIG, BOLD graphics and a conversational writing style to make their manuals FRESH, READABLE and ENGAGING in a VIDEO, E-BOOK digital formats.

    Chat to us about both options.

Job Evaluation

Taking the time to write an accurate job profile is invaluable to the ongoing attraction, hiring and retention of employees. We review your current job profiles to accommodate the changing requirements and responsibilities of your roles with business constantly evolving.

With the working environment and the “way we work” ever-changing living with COVID-19 profiles need to be reviewed.

We carry out a comprehensive Job evaluation  (or part there of ) dependent on the clients requirements.

The Job evaluation includes the analysis of jobs, Job Grading and Salary Benchmarking.

Our job profiles include:

  • The purpose (WHY) of the role;
  • WHAT needs to be done, the key performance area (KPA) which refers to the specific goals to be achieved, limited to 5 major areas;
  • The specific deliverables desired (HOW);
  • Defining the competencies, which include the knowledge, experience, skills and behavioural attributes required for the role;
  • The internal and external customers and direct reports;
  • Job Grades;

We apply the most popular method of job grading used in SA (the Paterson grading system).  Grading ensures equality and objectivity when defining pay scales. Salary benchmarking exercises are carried out in collaboration with salary survey specialisits.

We can include the OFO (Organising framework for occupations) codes in the profile once jobs are categorised and aligned with the skills-based classification system.

Talent Matchmaker

As skilled professionals talented in matching the right candidate to the culture of your organisation we assure you that we take special care when sourcing your preferred suitable candidate.

We are not a “fly by night” recruitment agency charging exorbitant placement fees. We are interested in playing people to their strengths and placing the candidate who is “the right fit” for the position, is our mission. Our rates are very competitive as we are not out to make a quick buck, we handle the process with care and professionalism.

Our recruitment service includes:

  • Sourcing
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviewing
  • Background checks
  • Psychometric testing (if required)

Our services are available on an Ad-hoc project basis Or at a nominal monthly retainer fee tailored to your operational requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business.