Employment Contracts
  • Employment contracts drafting and review (permanent, fixed term contracts, independent contractor and temporary employment services and Executive agreements)
  • Policies and Procedures formulation and review
Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Drafting and reviewing charge sheets / notices to attend a disciplinary hearing
  • Preparing and assisting clients to prosecute enquiries internally
  • Representing clients at disciplinary enquiries to prosecute matters on their behalf (where the circumstances permit)
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries and drafting the outcomes on guilt and sanction
Training and Development
  • Facilitation of webinars and virtual workshops to our clients covering legislative updates and hot topics in employment law.
General Drafting and Advice
  • All aspects of employment law practice and procedure
  • Compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act
  • The drafting of severance/settlement/mutual termination agreements
  • The drafting  and litigation of restraint of trades and confidentiality agreements
  • The merits of CCMA and Labour Court disputes (including review and interlocutory applications) and drafting the necessary pleadings
Restructuring and retrenchment Proceedings
  • Restructuring advice regarding legal compliance as well as business strategy
  • Attending consultations with employees, workplace forums and trade unions if required
  • Drafting invitations to consult in terms of section 189 of the LRA, voluntary retrenchments/mutual termination agreements and termination letters
  • Preparing and/or representing clients at the CCMA, dispute resolution bodies and the Labour Court in the event of retrenchment-related disputes
Transfer of Business as a Going Concern
  • Conducting due diligence investigations and drafting the associated due diligence reports in the case of transferring a business as a going concern
  • Advising on whether the sale of a business amounts to the transfer of a business as a going concern in terms of section 197 of the LRA and advising of the consequences of section 197
  • Providing restructuring advice pursuant to a section 197 transfer of business and drafting of transfer letters and agreements
Assistance and Representation
  • Assisting clients in preparing for CCMA, bargaining council and Labour Court appearances
  • Representing clients at the CCMA, bargaining council and Labour Court where the circumstances permit (with or without the assistance of counsel)
Due Diligence and Workplace Investigations
  • Undertaking the employment law aspects of due diligence investigations and drafting due diligence reports
  • Advising on risk mitigation strategies pursuant to completing a due diligence investigation
  • Undertaking major workplace investigations and assisting clients to implement remedial measures following the conclusion of those investigations
Incapacity investigations
  • Assisting in the performance management of employees
  • Conducting investigations into instances of incapacity/poor performance
  • Assisting in the institution of incapacity hearings

Our services are available on an Ad-hoc project basis Or at a nominal monthly retainer fee tailored to your operational requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business.