Why does my business needs HR

Why does my business need an HR expert ? read more

When good employees go bad

When good employees go bad… read more

Hands-on HR Collab

Shifting your focus to the human experience will  generate more revenue.

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Remote working

It’s here, remote work is our new reality read more


Is your HR content simple, reliable and professional? read more

6 Steps to integrate wellness into your workplace

6 Easy steps to integrating wellness in your workplace

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Bonus, to pay or not to pay?

Bonus, to pay or not to pay? read more


10 items to add to your HR spring clean list

10 Essential items to add to your HR spring cleaning schedule read more


Are you playing your people to their strengths?

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Job description/ profile writing

Do your employees know is expected of them?

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Creative Employee Handbooks

Creative employee Handbooks employees will want to read.  read more

Employee recognition through feedback

Introducing Employee recognition through

feedback.  read more