Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Have you found your tribe?

Humans have a deep need for connection and it forms a vital part of living a fulfilled life.  Your tribe provides you with social connection and companionship which will help you truly THRIVE in your space!  Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE! 

David R Hawkins developed a framework based on over thirty years of research, illustrated by Big Whisperer, a helpful tool for understanding what drives both our and other people’s behaviour.  We can operate on one level in one area of life and on a very different level in another area of life.”  It’s possible to be at a different state of consciousness in the area of work as opposed to your love life. We believe that it’s possible to have reached a higher state of consciousness, and at moments, temporarily, “regress” back to a lower level depending on different external stressors.

If you are vibrating at a lower frequency you would experience inaction, when you shift to higher levels of vibration you step into your power leading to happiness and productivity.

So what can you do to find your tribe?

Some ideas are to find an online group of people who share your interests, hobbies, take part in activities, or classes that interest you, volunteer in your community, sign up for a cooking class or a class in candle making, whatever tweaks your interest, that thing that you wished your were taught and have never gotten around to learning how to do.

There are no limitations to how many tribes you belong to either as each one fulfills a desire! Find your tribe today so you can start thriving instead of simply surviving and raise your vibration.

Lets put ourselves out there together!

Much love💞🌈🦋🧘‍♀️💃🙏🌻

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