Womanhood, the enduring essence in leadership!


As I reach over to the bedside table to press the dismiss button on my smartphone alarm, I think, “just another 5 minutes”, instead, I CHOOSE the thought, “5-4-3-2-1-GO!” #the5secondrule by Mel Robbins, which is so simple and yet so effective! I sit up in bed, light a candle, meditate, harmonize heart and mind, setting the tone for my best day ahead.

Women, womanhood, femininity, a quality, an essence which is enduring and timeless, it’s inherent nature is magical and holds everything together.


Sure we have flaws, we crumble, we crack, we freak out, as I write these words it reminds me of how my son and husband drive me to lose my S***T because of their inability to assist me with managing our home, despite the fact that they are treated like absolute Kings…almost always.


Can you relate?


Yip, sure you can, I know I’m not alone with this frustration! I too have those days where I open that bottle of red wine with the intention of drinking a half a glass to take the edge off after a stressful day, whilst preparing dinner. I won’t lie, one glass may have lead to a few more glasses which required me to blast the speakers with my favorite tunes and let loose!


You know I love a lounge disco, it’s readily available, requires no dressing up, there’s no one to pass judgment, I have full control of the media player and well, I have the choice to dance starkers too!


I gently lift my sore head off the pillow, pour a cup of lemon water and start my NEW day.

Tackling those daily tasks with LOVE and with SPEED, doing the school run, moving my body, corresponding to e-mails, coaching and consulting clients, completing HR projects, designing adverts for my INSTA, FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, TWITTER, and GOOGLE posts.


Of course, I want to take full advantage of the free marketing we get from the social media platforms, so I have had to research the “HOW TO’s”, and spent hours developing a content media strategy and having loads of fun playing on Adobe Illustrator!


Reflecting on my personal and business progress, setting new goals, planning my week, my business content plan to be shared, and scheduling my daily and monthly tasks into my diary for the week ahead are essential activities I need to do consistently to stay on track.

Scheduled into my diary too, “Search for new recipes”. While we were in the store isles to grab a few groceries the other day my son was complaining that he has lost complete interest in eating because my cooking is so boring and not flavorful enough! My attempt to ensure he is fed nutritious, healthy meals appears to not have been very well received, “BAD Mother!” I thought, “You deserve a slap on the wrist!” Just proves that because he is a teen doesn’t mean that I have stopped beating myself up for “Not doing the best I can for him”.


Taking our spoilt furry Basett Hound kids to the vet for their Paw-dicure is a funny story I have to share. So, I manage to get the Basett’s into the vets rooms and our younger male “Oliver” literally starts to S**t himself as the vet approaches him to pick him up and take him through to the rooms… can you deal?

Of course, he needed to be sedated to get his nails trimmed and the bill was 4 times more then what it should have been… Why I am even batting an eyelid about how this panned out is beyond me? There has never been anything simple or normal about our animals or our household for that matter…. So my productive day I had planned didn’t quite pan out as planned.


The Basett’s require exercise which seems to be solely my responsibility, grooming them, prepping their bone broth for their healthy meals, prepping our green juice and overnight oat jars too so I get to sail through my to-do list with ease and grace.


Allocating funds to those self-care rituals, the highlighting and dying of those grey’s, plucking or tinting the brows, bikini and lip waxes, let alone taking the time to sit in the salon whilst my mind is racing about what I still need to get through before I can have 30 mins to relax in whichever way works for me at the time.


After many decades I have learned that Self-care rituals are in fact not an act of vanity but energizing and empowering myself to be the best version of myself on my pursuit to LIVING my best life. By embracing these rituals I have learned to look forward to them and believe that it is my divine right and in order to give love to those close to me and to serve others, these are non-negotiable’s.


After evening dishes and meal prep for the next day I get to unwind and read a couple of pages of my self-help paperback, Oh’ Yes, and lastly the most important task, 5 mins before I slip into my sleep state, I affirm my “I AM” statements learned from, Dr. Wayne Dyer, “ I AM ABUNDANCE”, “I AM PEACE”, “I AM GORGEOUS” and any others I feel I need.

I hear some of you responding with “ What a load of WOO WOO”!


Why not GIVE IT GO? What have you got to lose?


You can only gain a POSITIVE MINDSET. 


Unfortunately, the reality is that we are all a little broken and have reinforced the “I AM NOT” statements, such as, “I AM NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH”, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH” for a lifetime, so it will take time to unlearn.


I am sure many of you fulfilling feminine roles may relate to this snippet or maybe enduring TOUGHER circumstances, have LONGER TO DO Lists to get through on a daily basis, maybe raising larger families single-handedly whilst working in a professional career.

Nurturing, self-giving, vulnerability, and sensitivity– the very attributes of femininity to go under fire——can actually be our greatest STRENGTHS.

In HONOUR of celebrating the ESSENCE that represents, kindness, bravery, will, passion, grace, and light-hearted-ness.



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