Remote work…our new reality

We have been one of the fortunate enablers of remote working going on three years.


It does take time to adapt to the new way of work and designing a balanced way of living. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us into the “Future world of work” sooner than anticipated, and literally overnight, our businesses have had to shift their mindsets from “working from home” will never work in our business to this being the “only” working contingency option available if you want to keep your doors open.


We understand that not all working environments can effectively implement the  remote working model, best suited to support and administrative functions.


As disastrous a threat COVID-19 poses to humanity, this forced change in the way we operate in our businesses is in my view an opportunity for businesses to catch up to global business practices and benefit from this progressive working model.


You will be pleasantly surprised at how efficient your workforce can be. Deliverables which took days to be actioned will now happen much sooner, there are less distractions, demands from people in and out of your office, gossiping, unplanned meetings which break momentum and often people leave their desks at the end of the day without having checked off anything from their “to do” lists. Presenteeism is something I have spoken about before and in my working career this has been a behaviour I have witnessed, which will no longer be a problem.


We appreciate that not all humans are self-motivated which will require you to implement performance management initiatives and possibly take disciplinary action when required, this is unfortunately unavoidable.


We discovered innovative apps which enable us to plan ahead and have opened up a whole new world for me in terms of how I can market my business, communicate with clients, bookkeeping, holding meetings via zoom or skype is our most often used platform to communicate “face to face” with clients.


Our hands-on approach “we do the work for you remotely” has proved possible and successful as a support business.


This way of working has been no different to being located in an organisations office and e-mailing from there, accessing the HRIS, from that office, scheduling meetings online and supporting line managers with HR Best practice advice on day to day operations telephonically and via e-mail correspondence. Now we execute these support functions virtually from our “remote office”.


The major change to your thinking is that you now need to plan, you don’t have the option of quickly popping downstairs to have an invoice signed off, or approval of a policy, you now need to go paperless with online approvals so this is eliminated.


Leveraging technology to work smarter and optimising this infrastructure is no longer optional. Cost savings are a no brainer. Less traffic means less environmental impact on our planet.


Resistance to change is a major obstacle, this takes time. Establishing your new working model is going to pose different challenges, see these as opportunities!


We are all in this together and understand you may be navigating this for the first time, we are here to support you and hold your hand during your transition to a new world of work.


Natalie Leach, Chartered HR Professional


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Start Over

Is your business becoming a daily GRIND?


I engage with clients who find themselves exhausted because they have had to step in and micro-manage their employees in order to get the job done in fear of losing business. They know their employees are unhappy and de-motivated, contributing to their bad attitudes towards their poor performance.


The reality is this management style is not sustainable and you will burn out if you continue to carry your people and your business. If you have had enough and want to change your situation, you need to shift from Micro-Manager to High-Performance Coach and get to the root of their unhappiness.


Are you interested in finding out what your generations of employees are CRAVING?


Some would say the younger generations come from planet Mars, Millennials seem to be held entirely responsible for craving development and growth in their roles. I thought I was not strictly classified as a Millennial, born prior to 1980, and VALUE personal GROWTH. According to Google, I am classified as a “Xennial” which is apparently an “older Millennial, how interesting, I still fit into the box!


 So, what can YOU do to fix your BROKEN CULTURE?


The employees who have stepped in and the younger generations stepping in, see business, processes, structures differently. They have new perspectives and insights on how you can achieve your desired outcomes and significantly increase productivity.


So, what then is preventing you from acknowledging their insights and taking on their suggestions and implementing those that make business sense?


It’s never too late to START OVER to get to the root cause of their unhappiness and foster a happy workforce and cultivate a GOOD culture!


This is a PROCESS and change will not happen overnight.


Inviting employees for Friday drinks will not improve their happiness levels immediately! Possibly an initiative to implement as part of your action plan after holding those crucial conversations.


Let’s dive into the heart of matters and transform your business into an EXCEPTIONAL one by creating alignment with your business values, fostering communication, focusing on strengths and leveraging TRUST.


Natalie Leach, CHRP


6 Steps to integrating wellness in your workplace

We know how busy you are!

And we also appreciate how motivated you are to make positive changes in your organisation. To create a culture that allows your employees to THRIVE can be achieved with innovative, engaging and collaborative wellness initiatives. 

To get you inspired here are 6 steps to empower you to integrate wellness into your workplace. Connect with Hands-on Human Resources to partner with you in developing your tailored wellness program to suit your unique workplace.

Natalie Leach- CHRP

Is your workplace broken?

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Mergers or acquisition integrations can result in “Broken Workplaces” with business owners or HR heads striving to bring the business units together smoothly, standardising and streamlining corporate activities, aligning people strategically to achieve desired outcomes, and ensuring integration synergies are delivered timeously can become a monster to execute.

The Human Cost of change and disruption is often overlooked resulting in the broken effect.

Don’t lose sight of the HOW things work element (business processes and systems; capabilities, mindsets, and people behaviours). Standard Operating Procedures and Policies need to be strategized and formulated to eliminate any potential confusion around the processes.

Hands-on HR can smoothe over your transition and speed up the integration process by formulating your Policies and Processes for your implementation.

Natalie Leach- CHRP

Stress Resilience Rituals – Step into those red heels darlings!

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STEP INTO YOUR RED PAIR OF HEELS DARLINGS,strike that power pose, and strut your stuff bravely, confidently and courageously!

So the reality of going it alone can be daunting at times especially when your projects have wrapped up and you waiting for the next one to start. My focus has been to keep my eye on the prize, to power through every day and hold the belief that the energy I am investing will not be in-vane and reinforcing that my efforts will bear fruit soon!

I found myself exhausted due to spending countless late nights at my desk researching, developing and marketing my brand, staying on trend, all with a super positive attitude whilst journeying through my personal transformation.

So after exploring and acting on the resources available to continuously improve the version of my service offerings, I was anticipating that phone call or e-mail inquiry. I finally got that call for an inquiry that sounded like it was “in-the-bag”! Shooo, what a relief! After shooting many arrows, I hit something! Super excited about the inquiry,  and the potential client went quiet. The final push for a response was received at the last minute and the service offering was REJECTED with no real clarity on the reasons to assist with improving my offering.

Can you relate?

This had the potential to drive me on a trip down self-doubt and or self-destruction streets OR I could CHOOSE to sail down the river of Resilience and practice these rituals.

So how did I choose to respond?

I chose to shed a frustrating few tears, and expressed a couple of Sh!ts and F*ck’s and then stepped into my gym shoes and realized that my gym was closed. So I streamed a You Tube workout video, selected my favorite playlist(you know those tunes that get you head banging in your lounge disco) and got my sweat on at the foot of my bed, in candle light –be-coz LOAD-SHEDDING! I must have been a sight to see!

I recovered, slept like the dead and woke the next morning to ask myself what lesson I needed to learn? What state of mind is going to help me get to my desired outcome?

I thanked my lovely teachers and put pen to paper. Observed my thoughts, feelings, and listened to the answer and then took action. 

What is my lesson?

My lesson learned is to develop the skill called RESILIENCE. We need to develop that “thick leather skin” which so many people I have engaged with seem to possess naturally.

Then there are people like me, who have had to develop this skill, defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

What positive outcomes have come from this?

The positive outcome from this experience is that I have learned a valuable skill which I will apply when faced with experiences such as these again, I have birthed my RESILIENCE RITUALS and have written an article to share my experience with you and empower you with tools to get through a similar situation.

What I have learned is that it is okay to FEEL VULNERABLE and then SNAP OUT OF IT! and then BOUNCE BACK EVEN STRONGER!

Only YOU can choose how you respond to difficulties. Its actually easier to FEEL and RELEASE, and then MOVE ON, then to stay stuck.  Its not an option for us to MOPE and DWELL there! 

I have listed my resilience rituals below for you to try out when faced with those tough situations.


  1. Kill yourself and your teachers with kindness. Beating yourself up about the “what if’s”, the “would’ve”, “could’ve’”, “should’ve ‘s” blah… blah… blah.., serve no purpose!  FEEL the emotion and ACT from a place of LOVE.
  2. Be brave.  Continue to put yourself out there! – Its tough, but POWER through! Keep walking tall, in those heels! Connect with your family and friends.            
  3. Stay Flexible. You need to be able to roll with the punches darlings. Its HARD I know, BUT DO some introspection and be flexible in figuring out what you should do next.
  4. Re-affirm WHY you are doing what you are doing.
  5. Reach out to those in a similar situation. You don’t have to navigate this on your own.
  6. Retreat. Do whatever brings you JOY.Take an Epsom salts foam bath, sauna, steam bath, book a massage, walk on the beach or forest, exercise, meditate, journal, draw, paint or craft. Do what ever helps you raise YOUR vibration.


What did I do to unlearn my old thinking patterns and change my response?

I have changed my story by investing in an NLP Life Coach who is journeying with me, utilizing NLP Techniques to remove fears, limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering thought patterns that will bring about lasting change.

What does NLP stand for?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro, refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; Programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind.

What is an NLP Life Coach?

A person who will journey with you to develop yourself using a range of techniques to help you develop new beneficial thinking patterns, shifting your behaviour towards achieving your desired outcomes. This methodology will assist you in removing old habits so you can be a better version of you.

I am so ECSTATICALLY EXITED about my positive life change and cannot wait to journey alongside yours.

Would you like to change your story? 

CONNECT with me and lets journey together in creating your new story.


Much love,



Natalie Leach, CHRP