Start Over to foster a happy workforce.

Is your business becoming a daily GRIND?

I engage with clients who find themselves exhausted because they have had to step in and micro-manage their employees in order to get the job done in fear of losing business. They know their employees are unhappy and de-motivated, contributing to their bad attitudes towards their poor performance.

The reality is this management style is not sustainable and you will burn out if you continue to carry your people and your business. If you have had enough and want to change your situation, you need to shift from Micro-Manager to High-Performance Coach and get to the root of their unhappiness.

Are you interested in finding out what your generations of employees are CRAVING?

Some would say the younger generations come from planet Mars, Millennials seem to be held entirely responsible for craving development and growth in their roles. I thought I was not strictly classified as a Millennial, born prior to 1980, and VALUE personal GROWTH. According to Google, I am classified as a “Xennial” which is apparently an “older Millennial, how interesting, I still fit into the box!


So, what can YOU do to fix your BROKEN CULTURE?

The employees who have stepped in and the younger generations stepping in, see business, processes, structures differently. They have new perspectives and insights on how you can achieve your desired outcomes and significantly increase productivity.

So, what then is preventing you from acknowledging their insights and taking on their suggestions and implementing those that make business sense?

It’s never too late to START OVER to get to the root cause of their unhappiness and foster a happy workforce and cultivate a GOOD culture!

This is a PROCESS and change will not happen overnight.

Inviting employees for Friday drinks will not improve their happiness levels immediately! Possibly an initiative to implement as part of your action plan after holding those crucial conversations.

Let’s dive into the heart of matters with you and transform your business into an EXCEPTIONAL one by creating alignment with your business values, fostering communication, focusing on strengths and leveraging TRUST.

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