Shifting your focus to the HUMAN experience will generate more revenue.


What can you do to lead the future of the “Human experience” in your business?
Firstly, If you haven’t already accepted that AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) -(which may sound complex), but essentially this is the term for technology used to mimic human behavior. These being here to stay, so get with the program. Technology is helping reduce, repetitive actions that bog down HR and employees.
Secondly you need to keep an eye out for any employee touch-points on the employee journey (which starts from on-boarding to off-boarding) that are complicated and messy. The result? HR is free to focus on strategies that support engaged and productive employees, who in turn can better focus on making an impact on the business and their career.
Employee engagement and the human experience are not interchangeable terms. The Human experience influences engagement. If employees have a great experience at work because of the culture, technology or physical space, they are much more likely to be engaged. But, if they have a bad experience, even if they like the work they do, it becomes much harder for them to stay motivated and work hard.

Of course, some individuals are less engaged by nature or due to external factors outside the company’s control, but focusing on the HUMAN experience can help mitigate the impact.
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