Old ways won’t open new doors.

O L D vs N E W | Old ways won’t open new doors… obvious right?

We get stuck in the old ways because they feel safe, they are familiar, and you believe that this IS the only way. We don’t like to change things up because its damn scary! For me the old ways brought up self-doubt, judgement, anxiety, de-pression, and paralysis due to FEAR. So my new way is to embrace change, and reminding myself that I have the privilege, as we all do, to choose only those thoughts, opportunities, people, places, experiences, lifestyle, that supports my NEW way. Saying NO to what we do not want and YESSSS to what we do want.

If you had to choose between the OLD and the NEW way what words would you choose to describe each path?

New doors wont open without you knocking, which door will you knock on? RED or YELLOW?

I choose RED, that’s my YESSS Door!!! Red because it resonates with me and the words that come to mind are confidence, power, strength, self-love, courage, and bravery.

Spend a few minutes pondering on which one will bring you the results you desire.

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