Let it go…

A book titled “The tibetan art of living” by Christopher Hansard has been on my bookshelf for a couple of years. When it caught my eye on the shelf my first thought was always “I am not ready to hear what you have to teach me” and so continued to ignore it. Knowing full well that the teachings would probably contribute positively to my personal growth and bring me to continue moving forward on my journey if I chose to read it. It’s amazing how once you MAKE that decision to LET GO of what has been holding you back and CHOOSE to shift your FOCUS on to LOVE how all the teachers, circumstances, situations appear in perfect timing and when there is least resistance.


When is enough ENOUGH? HOW much LONGER do you want to continue to experience the same repeating behaviors, relationships, experiences, jobs, circumstances that possibly do not bring you PEACE, HAPPINESS, JOY or FULFILLMENT?


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