Is your HR Content simple, reliable and professional?

One of your Line managers storm into your office to inform you that Joe resigned two weeks ago and forgot to let you know. So, the employee has already worked half of the notice period leaving you with two weeks to recruit and successfully place a suitable candidate.The job description on the drive is five years old, you are under pressure to advertise the position with no time to dot the “I”’s and cross off the “T”’s as your brief is to have a new employee placed within two weeks, so you give it a brief screen read, post it and hope for the best.


Sound familiar? 


If there are errors in the job specification advertised it impacts negatively on your corporate identity and you possibly may be attracting the wrong talent. The advert needs to be written in a meaningful way for you to achieve the desired results.  As an SME you may have the luxury of an in-house HR practitioner who would probably represent the PR and marketing functions or in the absence of an in-house HR function we often experience that the FM is burdened with taking on HR/PR responsibilities leaving HR to double up as the face and voice of the business.


A press release needs to be typed up quickly while you trying to chase after an employee who is has been AWOP for 5 days, and you are under pressure to draft and issue the notification to attend a disciplinary enquiry.


Employment law updates have been gazetted and your policies need reviewing NOW.


I’m sure you get the message. 


If your organisation has the luxury of a Marketing Department WE can bridge the gap between HR leaders and your marketing department as we will be an extension of your HR function and support your team. Eliminating breakdowns between what the marketing team puts out there and what the HR team requires to be conveyed applying the necessary HR and legal jargon.


Or you may publish HR content and run short of hands.


Who better to call?


We have a seasoned talented team with hands-on HR working experience, content writing and graphic design skills to create appealing content for you.


CONNECT so we can ensure that you are projecting the positive corporate culture to attract your desired talent and clientele.


Are you excited about this task been struck off your “to do” list?




Connect with us to GET STUCK IN and start writing!

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