10 Items to add to your HR Spring Clean Schedule

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Can you feel it? Spring is just around the corner. On Saturday I grabbed the opportunity as many Capetonians did, to get down to the beach to lap up some Winter, nearly Spring Sun, and dived into my book (I just can’t seem to finish) baking those extra winter calories… hoping they might magically melt away somehow…ha, ha, wishful thinking I know, but hey, how boring would life be without a smidgen of hope….right?


Now that the season of new beginnings and fresh starts is on its way, why not schedule in some time with your “Think Tank Team” to prioritize the tasks you are not getting to because you simply are too consumed with the day to day HR and payroll challenges, monthly reporting, and running from meeting to meeting.


Suggested items to add to your HR Spring Clean list:


1.       Review Policies and Procedures


Are your policies in your employee handbook up-to-date and compliant with the labor law amendments? Review your standard operating procedures to ensure they are up to date with HOW you are actually do things.


2.       Job Descriptions and Specifications


Interview employees to determine if their JD’s require updating and re-write them if needed. The same goes for your Job Specs, making your life so much easier when the recruitment requisition arrives in your inbox and you need to advertise ASAP.


3.       Rewards and Recognition


Plan your “Coffee with the CEO” program, schedule “Star employee” awards, incentive scheme reviews, any other initiatives to celebrate your wins.


4.        Review your employment contract types


Are your contracts in line with the latest labour law updates? Do the various types of contracts templates include accurate terms and conditions, preventing any future potential liabilities?


5.        Workforce Planning


 NOW is a good time to forecast future talent requirements and creating talent action plans.


6.      Benefit Audit


Assess your benefits offered, January will be here before you know it and Medical Aids will need your plan selections. If you haven’t done so already, the new amendment to the Pension Funds Act was put in force earlier this year.  Are there specific benefits you could consider offering your employees to improve engagement and retention?


7.       Employee file audit


Usually, once your new starter has signed on, documents are completed, captured on your HRIS  and  filed, never to be looked at again. You may still be waiting on documentation, check and follow up. You don’t want findings from your auditors or inspectors for non-compliance, or be faced with benefit claims which are held back due to missing signatures on beneficiary forms in the event of an  employee’s death.


8.      HR Audit


You may be unsure of your HR obligations, we provide HR auditing services and can put you on the right track to ensure you have your checked all HR boxes.


9.      Give your employees a voice


Employee surveys are so under-utilized, they are a great tool to identify what you are doing WELL and which areas require improvement. Surveys are an excellent first step to changing the culture in an organisation.


10.   File and Purge


Its time to file those forms on the “filing” pile. Purge those zillions of marketing pamphlets, the poor trees…! Get organized with your labeling of files, make sure that your filing is in order so that anyone can find a document should you be away for any reason


CALL US to partner with you on your TASK team to getting things done! We are available for onsite HR Audits and remote HR support.

Natalie Leach- CHRP, Managing Director @hands-on Human Resources

Celebrating the feminine

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As I reach over to the bedside table to press the dismiss button on my smartphone alarm, I think, “just another 5 minutes”, instead, I CHOOSE the thought, “5-4-3-2-1-GO!” #the5secondrule by Mel Robbins, which is so simple and yet so effective! I sit up in bed, light a candle, meditate, harmonize heart and mind, setting the tone for my best day ahead.

Women, womanhood, femininity, a quality, an essence which is enduring and timeless,its inherent nature is magical and holds everything together.

Sure we have flaws, we crumble, we crack, we freak out, as I write these words it reminds me of how my son and husband drive me to lose my S***T because of their inability to assist me with managing our home, despite the fact that they are treated like absolute Kings…almost always.

Can you relate? Yip, sure you can, I know I’m not alone with this frustration!

I too have those days where I open that bottle of red wine with the intention of drinking a half a glass to take the edge off after a stressful day, whilst preparing dinner. I won’t lie, one glass may have lead to a few more glasses which required me to blast the speakers with my favorite tunes and let loose! You know I love a lounge disco, it’s readily available, requires no dressing up, there’s no one to pass judgment, I have full control of the media player and well, I have the choice to dance starkers too!

I gently lift my sore head off the pillow, pour a cup of lemon water and start my NEW day.

Tackling those daily tasks with LOVE and with SPEED, doing the school run, moving my body, corresponding to e-mails, coaching and consulting clients, completing HR projects, designing adverts for my INSTA, FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, TWITTER, and GOOGLE posts.

Of course, I want to take full advantage of the free marketing we get from the social media platforms, so I have had to research the “HOW TO’s”, and spent hours developing a content media strategy and having loads of fun playing on Adobe Illustrator!

Reflecting on my personal and business progress, setting new goals, planning my week, my business content plan to be shared, and scheduling my daily and monthly tasks into my diary for the week ahead are essential activities I need to do consistently to stay on track.

Scheduled into my diary too, “Search for new recipes”. While we were in the store isles to grab a few groceries the other day my son was complaining that he has lost complete interest in eating because my cooking is so boring and not flavorful enough! My attempt to ensure he is fed nutritious, healthy meals appears to not have been very well received, “BAD Mother!” I thought, “You deserve a slap on the wrist!” Just proves that because he is a teen doesn’t mean that I have stopped beating myself up for “Not doing the best I can for him”.

Taking our spoilt furry Basett Hound kids to the vet for their Paw-dicure is a funny story I have to share. So, I manage to get the Basett’s into the vets rooms and our younger male “Oliver” literally starts to S**t himself as the vet approaches him to pick him up and take him through to the rooms… can you deal?

Of course, he needed to be sedated to get his nails trimmed and the bill was 4 times more then what it should have been… Why I am even batting an eyelid about how this panned out is beyond me? There has never been anything simple or normal about our animals or our household for that matter…. So my productive day I had planned didn’t quite pan out as planned.

The Basett’s require exercise which seems to be solely my responsibility, grooming them, prepping their bone broth for their healthy meals, prepping our green juice and overnight oat jars too so I get to sail through my to-do list with ease and grace.

Allocating funds to those self-care rituals, the highlighting and dying of those grey’s, plucking or tinting the brows, bikini and lip waxes, let alone taking the time to sit in the salon whilst my mind is racing about what I still need to get through before I can have 30 mins to relax in whichever way works for me at the time.

After many decades I have learned that Self-care rituals are in fact not an act of vanity but energizing and empowering myself to be the best version of myself on my pursuit to LIVING my best life. By embracing these rituals I have learned to look forward to them and believe that it is my divine right and in order to give love to those close to me and to serve others, these are non-negotiable’s.

After evening dishes and meal prep for the next day I get to unwind and read a couple of pages of my self-help paperback, Oh’ Yes, and lastly the most important task, 5 mins before I slip into my sleep state, I affirm my “I AM” statements learned from, Dr. Wayne Dyer , “ I AM ABUNDANCE”, “I AM PEACE”, “I AM GORGEOUS” and any others I feel I need.

I hear some of you responding with “ What a load of WOO WOO” !

Why not GIVE IT GO? What have you got to lose? You can only gain a POSITIVE MINDSET.  Unfortunately, the reality is that we are all a little broken and have reinforced the “I AM NOT” statements, such as, “I AM NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH”, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH” for a lifetime, so it will take time to unlearn.

I am sure many of you fulfilling feminine roles may relate to this snippet or may be enduring TOUGHER circumstances, have LONGER TO DO Lists to get through on a daily basis, maybe raising larger families single-handedly whilst working in a professional career.

Nurturing, self-giving, vulnerability, and sensitivity– the very attributes of femininity to go under fire——can actually be our greatest STRENGTHS.

In HONOUR of celebrating the ESSENCE that represents, kindness, bravery, will, passion, grace, and light-hearted-ness.



Are you playing your people to their strengths?

lI article-strengths-michael-nunes-kd

Often employees find themselves stuck, unfulfilled in their roles and are merely functioning on autopilot. Their only motivation to present themselves at work every day is to collect that monthly paycheck, they live for weekends and absolutely dread a Monday morning, spending Sunday nights filled with anxiety about the idea that they need to face another day in a role which is sapping them of any last drop of inspiration they may have left.

For some this may lead to a state of depression, reaching for medication to cope with this draining job they need to face every day, and may even lead to the employee developing chronic illness and exiting the business due to incapacity or dismissal for poor performance.


Are you willing to prevent this scenario from playing out?

A Gallup analysis reveals that people who use their strengths every day are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, six times more likely to be engaged at work, 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their jobs.


Realizing your employees’ strengths and developing a strengths-based culture will contribute to strategic human capital and succession planning and ultimately engaging with happy people on a daily basis and achieving your business targets.


Remaining curious about what makes people tick is a winning perspective to adopt in setting your business and humans up for SUCCESS. Get serious about investing in their development and retaining your talent in your business by adopting the “we play our people to their strengths” attitude.


@Hands-on Human Resources we offer strengths assessments, coaching, and mentorship programs to empower and grow your talent and utilize them in positions where they will feel valued and impact your business positively.


Natalie Leach, Director @hands-on human resources



Is your HR Content up to scratch?

HR Content writing
One of your Line managers storm into your office to inform you that Joe resigned two weeks ago and forgot to let you know. So, the employee has already worked half of the notice period leaving you with two weeks to recruit and successfully place a suitable candidate.The job description on the drive is five years old, you are under pressure to advertise the position with no time to dot the “I”’s and cross off the “T”’s as your brief is to have a new employee placed within two weeks, so you give it a brief screen read, post it and hope for the best.
Sound familiar? If there are errors in the job specification advertised it impacts negatively on your corporate identity and you possibly may be attracting the wrong talent. The advert needs to be written in a meaningful way for you to achieve the desired results.  As an SME you may have the luxury of an in-house HR practitioner who would probably represent the PR and marketing functions or in the absence of an in-house HR function we often experience that the FM is burdened with taking on HR/PR responsibilities leaving HR to double up as the face and voice of the business.
A press release needs to be typed up quickly while you trying to chase after an employee who is has been AWOP for 5 days, and you are under pressure to draft and issue the notification to attend a disciplinary enquiry.
Employment law updates have been gazetted and your policies need reviewing NOW.
I’m sure you get the message. 😊
If your organisation has the luxury of a Marketing Department WE can bridge the gap between HR leaders and your marketing department as we will be an extension of your HR function and support your team. Eliminating breakdowns between what the marketing team puts out there and what the HR team requires to be conveyed applying the necessary HR and legal jargon.
Or you may publish HR content and run short of hands.
Who better to call?
We have a seasoned talented team with hands-on HR working experience, content writing and graphic design skills to create appealing content for you delivering this effectively and efficiently.
We are valuable HR content partners to collaborate with.
CONNECT so we can ensure that you are projecting the positive corporate culture to attract your desired talent and clientele.
Are you excited about this task been struck off your “to do” list?
Call us so we can GET STUCK IN and start writing!
➽ 📧 📲 074 918 5206
Article written by Natalie Leach, CHRP

6 Steps to integrating wellness in your workplace

We know how busy you are! And we also appreciate how motivated you are to make positive changes in your organisation. To create a culture that allows your employees to THRIVE can be achieved with innovative, engaging and collaborative wellness initiatives. 

To get you inspired here are 6 steps to empower you to integrate wellness into your workplace. Connect with Hands-on Human Resources to partner with you in developing your tailored wellness program to suit your unique workplace.

Book your consultation today!

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Is your workplace broken?

shattered organisation

Mergers or acquisition integrations can result in “Broken Workplaces” with #hrexecutives #hrdirectors #hrpractitioners #peoplepractitioners #ceo #directors striving to bring the business units together smoothly, standardising and streamlining corporate activities, aligning people strategically to achieve desired outcomes, and ensuring integration synergies are delivered timeously. The Human Cost of change and disruption is often overlooked resulting in the broken effect.

Don’t lose sight of the HOW things work element (business processes and systems; capabilities, mindsets, and people behaviours). Standard Operating Procedures and Policies need to be strategized and formulated to eliminate any potential confusion around the processes.

Hands-on HR can smoothe over your transition and speed up the integration process by formulating your Policies and Processes for your implementation.

For enquiries contact us via e-mail:

We are an SME, why does my business need HR?


In the current economic climate, the cost of employing a full time HR professional does not make financial sense if the headcount doesn’t warrant it. Outsourcing your HR requirements to a subject matter expert who will ensure legal compliance is therefore a financially viable solution.

SME’s generally require their new starters to hit the ground running so recruiting an employee who is the right fit with the right skills set is not negotiable! Larger organisations have the luxury of possibly re-deploying their staff and/or investing in training to bring the new employee up to speed.

Managing the probation period is critical for managing good and bad performance. Poor performance issues need to be addressed while they are hot, documented clearly and follow up in the application of the process is essential. Ignorance is not bliss when you need to pay out an award at the CCMA to a non-performing employee and for those excelling in their roles to derive continued job satisfaction.

It’s imperative that SME’s understand the implications of all aspects of labour laws applicable to their respective industries as legislation does not differentiate between sizes of organisations so it’s advisable to develop and implement a sound labour relations framework, which may prevent CCMA referrals.

SME’s… PROTECT your businesses from any potential legal non-compliance by OUTSOURCING your HR requirements.


Stress Resilience Rituals – Step into those red heels darlings!

lI article image-redheels

STEP INTO YOUR RED PAIR OF HEELS DARLINGS,strike that power pose, and strut your stuff bravely, confidently and courageously!

So the reality of going it alone can be daunting at times especially when your projects have wrapped up and you waiting for the next one to start. My focus has been to keep my eye on the prize, to power through every day and hold the belief that the energy I am investing will not be in-vane and reinforcing that my efforts will bear fruit soon!

I found myself exhausted due to spending countless late nights at my desk researching, developing and marketing my brand, staying on trend, all with a super positive attitude whilst journeying through my personal transformation.

So after exploring and acting on the resources available to continuously improve the version of my service offerings, I was anticipating that phone call or e-mail inquiry. I finally got that call for an inquiry that sounded like it was “in-the-bag”! Shooo, what a relief! After shooting many arrows, I hit something! Super excited about the inquiry,  and the potential client went quiet. The final push for a response was received at the last minute and the service offering was REJECTED with no real clarity on the reasons to assist with improving my offering.

Can you relate?

This had the potential to drive me on a trip down self-doubt and or self-destruction streets OR I could CHOOSE to sail down the river of Resilience and practice these rituals.

So how did I choose to respond?

I chose to shed a frustrating few tears, and expressed a couple of Sh!ts and F*ck’s and then stepped into my gym shoes and realized that my gym was closed. So I streamed a You Tube workout video, selected my favorite playlist(you know those tunes that get you head banging in your lounge disco) and got my sweat on at the foot of my bed, in candle light –be-coz LOAD-SHEDDING! I must have been a sight to see!

I recovered, slept like the dead and woke the next morning to ask myself what lesson I needed to learn? What state of mind is going to help me get to my desired outcome?

I thanked my lovely teachers and put pen to paper. Observed my thoughts, feelings, and listened to the answer and then took action. 

What is my lesson?

My lesson learned is to develop the skill called RESILIENCE. We need to develop that “thick leather skin” which so many people I have engaged with seem to possess naturally.

Then there are people like me, who have had to develop this skill, defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

What positive outcomes have come from this?

The positive outcome from this experience is that I have learned a valuable skill which I will apply when faced with experiences such as these again, I have birthed my RESILIENCE RITUALS and have written an article to share my experience with you and empower you with tools to get through a similar situation.

What I have learned is that it is okay to FEEL VULNERABLE and then SNAP OUT OF IT! and then BOUNCE BACK EVEN STRONGER!

Only YOU can choose how you respond to difficulties. Its actually easier to FEEL and RELEASE, and then MOVE ON, then to stay stuck.  Its not an option for us to MOPE and DWELL there! 

I have listed my resilience rituals below for you to try out when faced with those tough situations.


  1. Kill yourself and your teachers with kindness. Beating yourself up about the “what if’s”, the “would’ve”, “could’ve’”, “should’ve ‘s” blah… blah… blah.., serve no purpose!  FEEL the emotion and ACT from a place of LOVE.
  2. Be brave.  Continue to put yourself out there! – Its tough, but POWER through! Keep walking tall, in those heels! Connect with your family and friends.            
  3. Stay Flexible. You need to be able to roll with the punches darlings. Its HARD I know, BUT DO some introspection and be flexible in figuring out what you should do next.
  4. Re-affirm WHY you are doing what you are doing.
  5. Reach out to those in a similar situation. You don’t have to navigate this on your own.
  6. Retreat. Do whatever brings you JOY.Take an Epsom salts foam bath, sauna, steam bath, book a massage, walk on the beach or forest, exercise, meditate, journal, draw, paint or craft. Do what ever helps you raise YOUR vibration.


What did I do to unlearn my old thinking patterns and change my response?

I have changed my story by investing in an NLP Life Coach who is journeying with me, utilizing NLP Techniques to remove fears, limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering thought patterns that will bring about lasting change.

What does NLP stand for?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro, refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; Programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind.

What is an NLP Life Coach?

A person who will journey with you to develop yourself using a range of techniques to help you develop new beneficial thinking patterns, shifting your behaviour towards achieving your desired outcomes. This methodology will assist you in removing old habits so you can be a better version of you.

I am so ECSTATICALLY EXITED about my positive life change and cannot wait to journey alongside yours.

Would you like to change your story? 

CONNECT with me and lets journey together in creating your new story.


Much love,



Article written by Natalie Leach, CHRP

When good employees go bad, and how you can avoid this happening to you.

You and a few partners have marketed your profitable product or service and your business has grown substantially after a year or two. The orders are increasing and the pressure is picking up, placing more demands on existing staff and in areas unfamiliar to you which may be quite daunting. Your sales, production and operations teams are in place, so you are in business, correct?


The HR function is not prioritized and pushed to the back burner as its not required at this stage right?


You think that “Employment contracts and Job descriptions are not necessary as “we have a good understanding with our staff and so they don’t need to be issued.”and so you decide to forget about them. Policies are not formulated, procedures are not defined.


The staff that you have are suddenly not coping as they cant keep up with the additional working hours required of them to complete the orders on time. The employees start to question the legal regulations surrounding working hours, and responsibilities so they request employment contracts and job descriptions. You are now Googling to download some free templates so you can put something together to issue to them trusting that the templates you find meet the legal requirements.


Your star performer is not happy with the written conditions of employment and Job Description as he/ she disputes the working hours, start and finish times, meal intervals, leave entitlements and responsibilities etc. The employee argues that the terms stipulated differ to what has been practiced consistently since start up.


The honeymoon phase is now over and the harmonious working environment you had cultivated is damaged.


The employee’s attitude starts to shift from co-operative, positive and motivated to arrogant, resistant, uncooperative, and negative and his/her behaviour starts to affect the entire workforce culture negatively and his/her overall work performance is becoming poor.  You can understand that the employee is frustrated and feels that the trust relationship is damaged.


This could have been avoided if you started off on the right foot and issued the employee with written conditions of employment from the onset and defined your expectations in terms of responsibilities up front before agreeing to enter into an employment relationship.

The star performer has turned into a poor performer. Finding yourself having to manage the employees poor performance and bad attitude.

You now accept that it is time to reach out to an HR expert for advice on how to proceed. You will probably end up parting ways with this employee.


Sound familiar?


Only when there is a conflict situation regarding a condition of employment i.e. disputes around working hours, overtime payments, sick leave, annual leave entitlements, incentives, salary increases, managing performance, training etc do you wake up to the fact that these documents needed to be drafted and issued.


There is no magic staff headcount threshold number which determines the stage at which you need to lean on an HR professional to handle your people matters.

You probably don’t need a full time HR professional so why not consider outsourcing the function to an HR professional on a retainer basis to lay your strong HR foundation for you, ideally from START UP phase. Get the contracts in place, the employee handbook drafted, your payroll set up and HRIS to keep accurate records. Once this is implemented your expert can support you telephonically and on-line or attend to HR Matters a couple of days a month to ensure your HR matters are handled and maintained, and if applicable to your business ensure monthly compliance obligations are adhered to an annual reporting to Department of Labour and relevant SETA’s.


Don’t make the mistake of adopting “the ignorance is bliss” approach, you will be sorry as it has the potential to become a costly exercise and puts your business at huge risk for non-compliance and may even lead to you having to close your doors.


Article written by Natalie Leach, CHRP